Underage Drinking in Vermont - The Campaign

Vermont’s Campaign to Prevent Underage Drinking

This statewide campaign includes a number of ways to reach Vermont parents. Here parents can explore our materials, and local coalitions can take advantage of our toolkit and press kit materials to spread the word in their areas.


Advertising in newspapers, newsletters and magazines.

Middle School
Words are Powerful - Boy (1/4 page) (1/2 page)
Words are Powerful - Girl (1/4 page) (1/2 page)

High School
You Can't be Everywhere with Your Teen (4 x 5) (4 x 7) (9 x 3)


Direct Mail

Postcards mailed to parents of middle school and high school students.

Middle School

High School



You Can't be Everywhere with Your Teen



Sixty second radio commercials for use across the state.

New! "Don't Play Cool" Listen (mp3)

"Talk About It Now" Listen (mp3)



Ads placed on Web sites and e-mail newsletters.

Facebook ad example

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