Underage Drinking in Vermont - The Solution

Help Solve the Problem of Underage Drinking

There are steps you can take with your children and other parents that can help prevent underage drinking. Parental involvement makes a difference, and this section contains tips and valuable information to help you get started.

Your Role

Sometimes it feels like your role as a parent changes every day. This guide is designed to provide tips and points to remember when handling issues of underage alcohol use.

Your Role in Prevention

Discuss Underage Drinking

Opening a line of communication is the first step in trying to prevent underage alcohol use—but sometimes it can feel like the most difficult one. Learn how to discuss underage drinking with your children at a young age and develop your communication as they grow up.

Talking Makes a Difference


Get tips on how to monitor your child for alcohol use, and make sure you know where your child is and who your child is with.

Limit Access to Alcohol

Spread the Word

You don’t have to try to prevent underage drinking all by yourself. There are plenty of parents out there who share your concerns. This section provides tips on networking and discussing underage drinking with other parents.

Start Connecting

Parent Up