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Talk. They Hear You.

SAMHSA's underage drinking prevention campaign helps parents and caregivers start talking to their children early—as early as nine years old—about the dangers of alcohol. Learn more.

Mom's Thoughts: 60 seconds

Father/Son: 30 seconds

Warning Signs of Underage Drinking

Many parents worry about underage drinking, even if they’ve never caught their children using alcohol. This video gives parents examples of sudden changes that could be signs of underage alcohol use, and how to connect with other parents and advocates for help.

Talking With Your Middle Schooler About Alcohol

It’s never too early to talk with children about alcohol. In fact, nearly 20% of Vermont children try alcohol before age 13. This video gives parents ways to start a conversation about alcohol, tips on what to say, and information they can use to make a difference.

Talking With Your Teen About Alcohol

Underage drinking is a serious subject to discuss with teens, but parents are not alone. This video helps parents by offering tips on asking open-ended questions about their teens’ lives and interests, and how to express their feelings about underage alcohol use.

Underage Drinking: Risks for Parents

There can be serious consequences for parents who give alcohol to people under twenty-one or provide a place for underage drinking. This video clarifies the laws in Vermont and gives parents the information they need to help protect themselves and their children.

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