Division of Health Protection

For the most part, the Health Protection Division is the regulatory, forensic and risk assessment component of the Vermont Department of Health. Services cover a very wide range of activities housed within the four primary units listed below, which support approximately 30 programs. These programs range from the inspection of ambulances and licensing of emergency services personnel to offering recommendations regarding a contaminated private water system.

This division serves both individuals and large organizations through a combination of field work and central office adminstration. Additionally, many of these activities are coordinated with sister agencies such as the Vermont Departments of Environmental Conservation, Agriculture, Public Safety and Labor & Industry, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Food & Drug Administration and others.


Programs and Services

Emergency Medical Services

Responsible for standard setting, regulation and planning for Statewide Emergency Medical Services systems, training, technical assistance and program development for local services, and licensing and certification of all personnel and emergency equipment. This program maintains certification of 3,000 pre-hospital medical personnel, 171 local EMS organizations and 220 ambulances.

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Radiological Health

Voice: 802-865-7730; Toll-free within VT: 800-640-0601; Fax: 802-865-7745

Radiological Health aims to minimize occupational, general public and patient radiation exposure by registering and inspecting radiation sources, conducting environmental surveillance for the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant and providing technical assistance.

Environmental Health and Toxicology

Evaluates the potential risks to health posed by housing, food, water, and air.

Asbestos and Lead Regulatory Programs

Voice: 802-863-7231; Toll-free within VT: 800-439-8550

Evaluates the condition of asbestos in schools and other public buildings, and certifies workers and contractors to assure the use of safe removal procedures. Provides public information related to asbestos removal.

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Food and Lodging

Voice: 802-863-7221; Toll-free within VT: 800-439-8550

Inspects and licenses all restaurants, hotels, motels, inns, bakeries, school food service facilities, summer camps, and fairs to prevent food-borne illness. Approximately 5,700 establishments statewide are subject to inspection.

Indoor Air and Workplace Smoking

Voice: 802-863-7226; Toll-free within VT: 800-439-8550

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Lead Program

(Voice: 802-652-0358; Toll-free within VT: 800-439-8550)

Works to reduce the number of children exposed to lead, oversees lead abatement projects and contractors, and assists with compliance with state and federal regulations. Provides public education and acts collaboratively with several organizations to reduce lead hazards.

Radon Program

Provides public education related to radon exposure.

Toxicology and Risk Assessment

Voice: 802-863-7226; Toll-free within VT: 800-439-8550

Evaluates the potential risks to health posed by chemicals such as lead or toxic hazards discharged into the environment, discovered at a given site, or detected in food or water.

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