Various VERV units such as CERT, RACES, MRC, NNEMMRS, VTBHDRT do require training, you will have to go to their specific web site or contact them directly to determine what training is required. The Vermont Department of Health and other VERV units will also provide Just-In-Time-Training or on-line training. You may also be asked to practice in exercises and drills.

Just in Time Training
Just-In-Time-Training takes place when you arrive to volunteer at an emergency. Just-In-Time-Training is usually provided by the person who will be your supervisor during the event or by a Volunteer Management staff member, the training will include the following components:

  • Background information about the event
  • Information about the building in which you are volunteering (e.g., location of exits and bathrooms)
  • A description of your job duties
  • The name of your supervisor in case you have any problems or questions
  • Any safety instructions or information

During Just-In-Time-Training you will receive a Job Action Sheet (JAS) and a Task Sheet (TS), which describes the role you will play and the duties you will need to perform. You will also be provided with any equipment or materials you would need to carry out your role and instructions on how to use them. As a volunteer, you will be placed only in positions that are appropriate for your background and skills. Just-In-Time-Training will provide you with all the job-specific training you will need and very clear instructions about your duties.

On Line Training
There are numerous online training courses available from many organizations. We have listed some of these in the following link: click here.

Scheduled Training
We will post hands-on training events in the “News and Events” section. You may also be contacted directly by your VERV unit Administrator regarding scheduled training. Once you have registered and belong to a unit remember to go into your VERV profile page where additional specific unit information may be found.