Floods, severe weather, major disease outbreaks and public health emergencies are just a few examples of times when state and community organizations may need volunteers to assist.

Everyone has skills and abilities that may be needed in an emergency. Do you know CPR? Do you know how to direct traffic? Do you know how to set up a triage station? Do you have experience driving a truck? Do you have a Ham radio license? Do you speak one or more languages? Can you direct people through a clinic line? Do you enjoy helping others?

Volunteers will be needed for a variety of tasks depending on the situation.

One example is a public health clinic as a response to a disease outbreak. Volunteers could:

  • direct traffic
  • greet and direct people through a clinic
  • assist people with paperwork
  • provide information
  • work as a interpreter
  • provide administrative duties

Medical professionals could:

  • take medical histories
  • give medications or vaccinations

Another example is the distribution of food and water to areas where flooding has occurred or power lines are down due to severe weather.

Your decision to volunteer will strengthen our state's response and continue a long tradition of Vermonters coming together during a time of need. A number of volunteer opportunities are available that will match your interests and skills.