2009 Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station Surveillance Report


Environmental surveillance of Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station is important. This annual environmental surveillance report for 2009 profiles the radiological conditions around Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station, using samples and measurements in the communities surrounding the station.

The report details more than 1,300 separate measurements of air, water, milk, soil, vegetation, sediment and fish samples taken during the year at the site boundary, from the Connecticut River, and in the towns surrounding the power station. Overall, these samples and measurements continue to provide evidence that no significant adverse health effects from radiological exposures have resulted from the operation of Vermont Yankee during 2009.

Surveillance of Vermont Yankee for 2009 is most notable for one groundwater well result. On November 17, water samples were taken by Vermont Yankee from its groundwater monitoring well GZ-3. On January 6, 2010, laboratory results showed concentrations of radioactive tritium above the lower limit of detection. The investigation to find the sources and extent of contamination at Vermont Yankee that has been reported by the Health Department since January 2010, is an extension of the annual environmental surveillance program, and will be included in the surveillance report for 2010.

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