Governor Announces Large Federal Grant for DETER Substance Abuse Prevention Programs

Five-year grant could award State up to $11.5 million for prevention programs

Grant Information:

State of Vermont


DATE: August 3, 2005

CONTACT: Jason Gibbs
(802) 828-3333

MONTPELIER - Governor Jim Douglas today announced that Vermont has received a federal grant of $2.3 million per year for up to five years to address underage drinking and combat substance abuse in the state’s communities.

Governor Douglas said that the grant, awarded to the Vermont Department of Health by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), will strengthen Vermont’s ongoing efforts to prevent substance abuse statewide.

“Ultimately, we will succeed in confronting substance abuse by preventing it before it begins,” Douglas said. “Through my DETER (Drug Education, Treatment, Enforcement and Rehabilitation) initiative we are helping communities be healthier and safer, and we are educating young Vermonters about the dangers of drugs so they have the strength and courage to refuse them.”

The 5-year SAMHSA Strategic Prevention Framework grant is part of the Health and Human Services Healthier US Initiative. It is designed to support a public health approach to preventing substance abuse and related problems. This approach focuses on change for entire populations and the use of data to assess population needs, evaluate results and inform program change.

“Vermont was in an excellent position to compete for this grant and to put it to good use,” said Deputy Commissioner of Health Barbara Cimaglio. “Governor Douglas’ DETER initiative includes a strong emphasis on prevention and our New Directions Coalitions have proven that when communities come together to work on an issue, they can succeed.”

Guided by the Governor’s DETER initiative, state government has initiated new substance abuse treatment and recovery programs; increased enforcement of drug, alcohol and tobacco laws; and supported student assistance professionals and prevention curriculum in Vermont’s schools. Through community grant programs the Douglas administration has also increased mentoring and peer leadership programs, parenting and family education programs, and strengthened community prevention coalitions throughout Vermont .

Governor Douglas said this new federal grant will enhance those efforts and present new avenues for substance abuse prevention statewide.