HIV Program Evaluation and Monitoring System

HIV Program Evaluation and Monitoring SystemThe Program Evaluation and Monitoring System (PEMS) is a Web-based data entry and reporting software.

An agency that receives CDC funding for HIV prevention programs must collect data for PEMS that describes both a program being funded, and the clients being served.

Confidentiality Documents

***All documents in pdf format.

Policies & Procedures for Confidentiality and Security of Client-Level Data
This confidentiality policy for PEMS includes information about the procedures and conditions under which the Vermont Department of Health would or would not release PEMS client-level data.

Confidentiality Statements
These statements are required to be signed before a person can handle PEMS data.

Confidentiality Training
Power point presentations with accompanying quiz which must be completed before a person may handle PEMS data.

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Forms for Managing PEMS Users

If you either supervise staff who handle PEMS data, or handle PEMS data and are your own supervisor: You must use these forms when there is staff turnover to notify Health Department, and to ensure that all staff handling PEMS data are authorized.

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HIV Test Form

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Contact Us

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HIV/STD/Hepatitis Program Chief
Vermont Department of Health
108 Cherry Street, PO Box 70
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