Ladies First Covered Services

Ladies First

Ladies First is a health screening program for Vermont women that removes financial barriers that prevent many women from being screened for breast and cervical cancer and heart disease.
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Women ages 21 and Older


• In-office breast exam
• Breast self-exam instruction
• Screening mammogram


• Pelvic exam
• Pap test


• Blood pressure check
• Total cholesterol
• Body Mass Index (BMI)
• Diabetic Screening (Glucose)
Breast • Diagnostic mammogram
• Ultrasound
• Consultation
• Second opinion
• Breast biopsy
Cervical • Colposcopy
• Other diagnostic tests
Cardiovascular • Follow-up glucose
• Follow-up cholesterol
• Lipid panel
Breast • Referral to Medicaid
Treatment Act, if eligible
Cervical • Referral to Medicaid
Treatment Act, if eligible
Cardiovascular • Goal setting for nutrition and physical activity with a Vermont Department of Health nutritionist
• Help to quit smoking, with counseling, free patches, lozenges or gum

Women who participate in VHAP, Medicaid, and Medicare Part B are not eligible for Ladies First.

If you have primary insurance coverage, the insurance will be billed first. You may be charged a co-pay and/or deductible for your visits and/or test(s).

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