Vermont Hospital Utilization Reports and Discharge Data Sets

Vermont has been collecting and reporting hospital discharge data since the early 1980’s. All fourteen of Vermont's general acute care hospitals currently contribute records for Vermont residents and non-residents to the Vermont Uniform Hospital Discharge Data Set (VUHDDS). Under the statutory authority to collect these data (18 V.S.A. §§§ 9410, 9456 and 9457), the Vermont Green Mountain Care Board (GMCB) administers the program and the Vermont Department of Health (the Health Department) manages the data set under an agreement with GMCB. Under interstate agreements with agencies outside of Vermont, GMCB also receives hospital discharge data for Vermont residents using hospitals in bordering states, including New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and New York. The final dataset comprises the Vermont Uniform Hospital Discharge Data Set (VUHDDS) that is used by the Health Department in the analyses for the Vermont Hospital Utilization Reports.

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Vermont Hospital Utilization Reports (VHUR)

The Vermont Hospital Utilization Reports (formerly known as the Monograph Series through 2005) present aggregated information about hospital services provided across three hospital settings: inpatient, outpatient, and emergency department.

Data are presented in two basic ways: hospital-based and hospital service area (HSA) analyses. Hospital-based analyses compare data by hospital and include all patients who received services from each hospital, regardless of whether they reside in Vermont or in another state.  HSA analyses are used to compare data for residents of 13 geographic regions of Vermont who were provided inpatient services in any Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, or Massachusetts hospital.

Vermont Uniform Hospital Discharge Data Set (VUHDDS)
Public Use Files

The Public Use Files are derived from the Vermont Uniform Hospital Discharge Data Set (VUHDDS).  With the Public Use Files, data users can generate their own reports about the use of the Vermont hospitals by residents and non-residents.

The Vermont psychiatric hospitals, including the Brattleboro Retreat and the Vermont State Hospital, do not submit data to VUHDDS. The Department of Mental Health collects data from these psychiatric hospitals, and their reports can be found at Mental Health Inpatient data book

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