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In 2003, 1,397 civil unions were established in Vermont, down from 1,707 in 2002. The highest number (185) occurred in August.

Civil unions involving out-of-state residents accounted for almost 90 percent of the total number of civil unions (Table I-2), the same as 2002. The states with the largest number of residents who established civil unions were New York, followed by Massachusetts and Florida (Table I-1). The largest number of Vermont residents who established civil unions resided in Chittenden County (Table I-2).

Seventy-four percent of the civil unions were between female partners, up from 70 percent in 2002, and the most common age group for male partners was 35 to 39, and for female partners it was 30 to 34 (Table I-4).  Civil union partners tend to be highly educated: 55 percent completed at least four years of college (Table I-5).

(Table I-6) shows the total number of civil unions or marriages, including the current civil union, that each person has been a party to during their lives.  For 76 percent of the civil union partners, this was their first union, or marriage.


The dissolution of civil unions follows the same procedures, same requirements, rights, and obligations as divorces. There were 14 dissolutions in 2003.