Vermont Board of Medical Practice
Board Membership

The Board is composed of 17 members: nine licensed physicians, one certified physician assistant, one licensed podiatrist, and six persons not associated with the medical field ("public members").

The governor, with the advice and consent of the Senate, appoints the members of the board. Appointments are for a term of five years, except that a vacancy occurring during a term is filled by an appointment by the governor for the unexpired term. No member may be appointed to more than two consecutive full terms, but a member appointed for less than a full term (originally or to fill a vacancy) may serve two full terms in addition to the partial term. A former member is again eligible for appointment after a lapse of one or more years.

Any member of the board may be removed by the governor at any time.

Members of the Vermont Board of Medical Practice

  1. WIlliam K. Hoser, PA-C, Chair, Chester
  2. Michael A. Drew, M.D., Rutland
  3. Allen Evans, Middlesex - Public Member
  4. Faisal Gill - Public Member
  5. Robert G. Hayward, M.D., Shelburne, Secretary
  6. Patricia Hunter, Rutland - Public Member
  7. David A. Jenkins, Burlington - Public Member
  8. Richard Clattenburg, MD - Perkinsville
  9. Leo Lecours, Jericho - Public Member
  10. Sarah McClain, Lincoln - Public Member
  11. Christine Payne, MD - Middlesex
  12. Joshua A. Plavin, M.D., Randolph
  13. Harvey S. Reich, M.D., Mendon
  14. Gary Brent Burgee,M.D., Randolph
  15. Marga S. Sproul, MD - South Burlington
  16. Richard Bernstein, M.D., Jericho
  17. David Liebow,D.P.M., Townshend

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