Renewal Information for Licensees



You must complete the application and submit all required documentation and payment to this office no later than November 14, 2016.

Logging Into eLicense

If you currently hold a license in Vermont, you already have an account and do not need to register

If you experience problems accessing the elicense system:

Reporting Malpractice Cases, Disciplinary Action, and Other Adverse Information

Licensees are required to make prompt reports of all forms of adverse information such as discipline by a hospital or other state licensing body, malpractice cases, or arrest. 

If you have been the subject of such action and you have not yet reported it to the Board, you must do so now.

Matters that have previously been reported to the Board need not be reported again.  You need only review the information in your history to verify that your history is complete. 

If there has been a change to a matter previously reported, that change needs to be reported (e.g., a matter previously reported as a pending malpractice case has resulted in a judgment, or has been resolved in your favor). 

With regard to malpractice, you must report the following, using Form A: 

It is not required to report closed cases for which there was no settlement, arbitration award, or judgment. In other words, you are not asked to list cases that were dismissed or withdrawn with no findings against you and no payments to the complaining party. There is no need to list these closed cases that resolved in your favor, no need to fill out Form A for them, and no need to submit further documentation for them. Again, this applies to cases in which you prevailed or the matter was withdrawn without payment.

Please Note: If you previously reported a case when it was pending, you may report it if it resolved in your favor, but you are not required to do so.

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How must it be reported?

For each malpractice claim or case that must be reported per the application and the foregoing, you are asked to:

Again, you are not required to make duplicate reports or submit duplicate information if you have submitted this information in a previous renewal

Unless there has been a change in a matter previously reported, you need only verify that the matter appears in the history that you may review by logging into your online account. 

If you have any questions about whether you need to make a report about something, call the Board at 802-657-4223 or 802 657-4220. 

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Use of your Social Security Number

The Board is pleased that, since 2014, we have been able to offer applicants for renewal an option to providing their Social Security Numbers on the renewal application form.  The Vermont Tax Department has agreed that it is not necessary to collect the SSN for each renewal cycle, and you now have the option to enter all zeroes in the field that asks you to enter your SSN. 

Guidance on Entering Your SSN on the Renewal Application

Please contact the Board with any questions or concerns you may have about this new option.

Phone: 802-657-4223


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Continuing Medical Education

Physicians licensed by the Board of Medical Practice are now required to complete CME for license renewal. 

Please review the CME Rules and two newsletter articles (FAQ on new CME Requirements & Update on Vermont MD CME Requirements) that have been furnished to all licensees for more details.  

Except for the two subject-specific requirements discussed below, the general standard for CME is that it “be designed to assure that the licensee has updated his or her knowledge and skills in his or her own specialties and also has kept abreast of advances in other fields for which patient referrals may be appropriate.” 

There are two specific subjects identified in the rules, one that applies to all and a second applicable to only those who prescribe controlled substances.

You are not required to submit evidence of your activity; you need only certify that you have satisfied the requirements.However, you should maintain your documentation for at least four years as licensees will be subject to audit to verify compliance.

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