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VPMS brochure coverThe Vermont Prescription Monitoring System helps track the prescribing and dispensing of controlled substances — those drugs that are most likely to lead to abuse, addiction or patient harm if they are not used properly.


About the VPMS

The Department of Health launched the Vermont Prescription Monitoring System ("VPMS") in 2009 (18 V.S.A Chapter 84a).

Questions and Answers

When a Schedule II, III, or IV controlled substance is dispensed to an outpatient, a standard set of information about the patient, the prescriber, and the drug will be collected by the VPMS and maintained for six years on a secure, central database.

Information from the System will be available to providers and pharmacists to help in their work to effectively manage their patients' treatment.

By maintaining complete and up-to-date information, providers will have access to a full history of their patient's prescriptions for controlled substances. Further, the system can alert a provider to possible abuse of - or addiction to - controlled substances.

Patients can request a report of their own records, but do not have direct access to the system. A patient for whom a prescription for a controlled substance is written may request information from the VPMS database relating to himself or herself. The request must be in writing, and the person must appear in-person, and produce a valid government-issued photographic proof of identify to receive the VPMS report.

Licensing Boards may request records, but do not have direct access to the VPMS database. A representative of a professional board that is responsible for the licensure, regulation or discipline of health care providers or dispensers, may request information from the database relating to a licensee, pursuant to a bona fide specific investigation of that licensee.

Meeting a Critical Need

There is broad consensus within the substance abuse community and the VPMS Advisory Committee of the critical need for this resource. In our current health care system, patients often visit multiple providers, and can receive multiple prescriptions in an uncoordinated manner.

State and national reports indicate that the abuse of pharmaceutical drugs is the fastest growing area of use and addiction, becoming a major problem among youth and young adults.  Excluding alcohol, and after marijuana, prescription drugs are the second most commonly abused substances among every age group.

Vermont Rules and Law

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VPMS Committees

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Contact VPMS

Vermont Prescription Monitoring System
Vermont Department of Health
108 Cherry Street, PO Box 70
Burlington VT 05402-0070
Tel: (802) 652-4147
Fax: (802) 652-2019
Email: AHS.VDHVPMS@vermont.gov

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