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The Vermont Prescription Monitoring System helps track the prescribing and dispensing of controlled substances — those drugs most likely to lead to abuse, addiction or patient harm if they are not used properly.

Vermont Licensed Providers and Pharmacists must register to use the VPMS.

Only health care providers, prescribers, and pharmacies licensed by the State of Vermont, and the US Drug Enforcement Agency, and registered with VPMS may access information in the database.

Information and Resources

Morphine Milligram Equivalent Calculators

DISCLAIMER: The links to morphine milligram equivalent calculators are placed here for the convenience of prescribers, dispensers and patients. The State of Vermont did not design and does not maintain these calculators nor make any representation as to their accuracy. Relevant rules do not require the use of these, or any other, calculator. It is the responsibility of the prescriber to confirm calculations and to adhere to the limits imposed by any relevant rule or law and to exercise clinical judgment consistent with the standard of care.

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Contact and Technical Support

Technical Support

For technical support, including help with system access, or forgotten passwords:

All Other VPMS Questions:

Vermont Prescription Monitoring System
Vermont Department of Health
108 Cherry Street, PO Box 70
Burlington VT 05402-0070
Tel: (802) 652-4147
Fax: (802) 652-2019
Email: AHS.VDHVPMS@vermont.gov

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