Alcohol and Drug Abuse Programs

Excellence in Education, Prevention, Treatment and Recovery

Our mission is to help Vermonters prevent and eliminate the problems caused by alcohol and other drug use.

Working in partnership with state and national public and private organizations, ADAP plans, supports, and evaluates a comprehensive system of services.

Contact ADAP: Tel. 802-651-1550 or Email

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Visit ParentUpVT.orgAll teens are at risk of substance abuse and other serious issues.

But you are their #1 influence.

Kids are surrounded by pressures and influences. Make sure you are armed with the latest and most accurate info—so you can be the best influence possible. Visit


Vermont's Most Dangerous LeftoversDrug Abuse and Disposal

Safely use, store, and throw away unused or expired medicine.

Learn the three steps you can take to ensure the safe use, storage, and disposal of medication.

Marijuana Legalization

Considering Marijuana Legalization: Insights for Vermont
2015 RAND Corporation report outlines options and issues regarding marijuana legalization in Vermont. Related: Marijuana Use in Vermont

Young Adults

Vermont Young Adult Survey 2014 PDF document
A new report highlights key findings from a recent survey of young adult Vermont residents aged 18 through 25. Survey topics include the use of alcohol, marijuana, and prescription drugs, along with related topics such as perceptions regarding their availability and the level of risk associated with their use. Among the findings:


Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor Relicensing

Opioid Addiction Treatment and Prevention

Substance Abuse Treatment System of Care

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Substance Abuse Block Grant

FY2014-2015 Substance Abuse Block Grant Behavioral Health Assessment and Plan Application is available for public review.

FFY 2015 Annual Synar Report PDF document

FY16-FY17 SABG Behavioral Health Assessment and Plan PDF document

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Alcohol Awareness

049: Zero Alcohol for Nine Months
Alcohol can affect a baby’s development in the very first weeks, even before you know you're pregnant. Prenatal alcohol exposure can result in birth defects that can affect a child's growth, appearance, cognitive development and behavior — and it's 100% preventable.

Here's what women who are pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or may become pregnant need to know about drinking alcohol .



Alcohol Awareness & Support Explore our information and resources to learn more about the concerns Vermonters have about alcohol.




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Drug Abuse Prevention & Treatment

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Unified Pain Management System Advisory Council

With increasing problems stemming from prescription drug misuse and abuse, the Unified Pain Management System Advisory Council was created to advise the Commissioner of Health on matters relating to the appropriate use of controlled substances in the treatment of chronic, noncancer
pain and addiction, and in preventing prescription drug abuse.

Advisory Council Report and Recommendations (02/25/13) PDF document

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Vermont's Strategic Prevention Framework Initiative

Vermont Strategic Prevention Framework Initiative - The Vermont Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) State Incentive Grant (SIG) is a public health, outcomes-based prevention approach that uses assessment and evaluation to help communities meet their goals of reducing substance abuse and its consequences.

SPF SIG is a federally funded cooperative agreement with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration, Center for Substance Abuse Prevention and the State of Vermont.

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Youth Suicide Prevention

Umatter logo

Are you thinking about suicide or are worried about someone else? Don't keep it to yourself.

Dial 211 in Vermont or 1-800-273-8255.

Don't wait for a crisis to ask for help. Everybody needs help sometimes. Help comes from friends, family, people nearby and even from yourself.



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Blueprint for the States

Blueprint for the States
State governments bear the financial burden of the consequences of drugs and alcohol in our nation. This national policy panel addresses the realities of state governments paying dearly for the nation’s failure to effectively prevent and treat alcohol and drug problems.

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