Health Advisory

MMR Vaccine Eligibility for VFA Practices

To:       Vaccine for Children (VFC) and Vaccine for Adult (VFA) Practices
From:  Christine Finley, Immunization Program Manager
Date:   June 22, 2011

– Please Distribute Widely –        

The Vermont Department of Health has reported one confirmed and one suspected case of measles this month. Measles outbreaks have been reported in Quebec, 12 areas in the United States, including New York and Massachusetts, and across Europe. With increased awareness of the risk for measles, more adults are requesting vaccination to protect against disease.

Effective immediately, VFA-enrolled provider practices may order and administer measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine to adults 19 years and older when indicated. MMR vaccine has not previously been available through Vermont’s VFA program.

Routine Indications for Adult Vaccination:

Adults born in 1957 or later who do not have a medical contraindication, and do not have documentation of vaccination with at least one dose of MMR vaccine or other acceptable evidence of immunity to measles, mumps and rubella, should receive at least one dose of MMR vaccine. 

A second dose of MMR vaccine is indicated for certain adults considered to be at increased risk for exposure to measles. This includes those who are attending college or other post-high school educational institutions, people working in medical facilities, and international travelers.

Do not vaccinate women who are pregnant. MMR vaccine is contraindicated for pregnant women due to the theoretical risk to the fetus. Advise women not to become pregnant within four weeks of MMR vaccination. Routine pre-vaccination pregnancy testing is not recommended.

Ordering Instructions:

Provider practices enrolled in both VFC and VFA, who have state-supplied MMR vaccine in inventory, may use that supply to vaccinate both children and adults. VFA-enrolled provider practices may place vaccine orders for MMR.

If you have questions, please call the Health Department’s Infectious Disease Program at 802-863-7240 (800-640-4374 in Vermont)

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