Healthy Sexuality

Healthy sexuality is more than just safe sexual activity. It is a part of our overall sense of wellbeing and being connected to ourselves and others. We experience sexuality throughout our lives. Our sexuality shifts and grows with us.

 Sexuality includes:

  1. Gender identity
  2. Sexual orientation
  3. Reproductive health
  4. Awareness and acceptance of one’s own and other’s bodies
  5. Close relationships with others
  6. Understanding the health consequences of sexual activity
  7. Expressing oneself sexually

It is important that we nurture and communicate with each other about sexuality, and it is especially important that we talk to children about healthy sexuality.

Research tells us that children and youth who have positive feelings about their bodies, accurate information about sexuality, and open communication with parents, may be less likely to be targeted by abusers.

Talking about sexuality early and often is a prevention tool we all can use. Here are some tips for topics to talk about across the ages:

Infants and toddlers

Young elementary school age




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