E-Ready: Public Health Preparedness

How we and our communities will fare in a public health emergency will depend in large part on planning and preparations that are put in place today by families, communities, and state and local government.

E-Ready is Your Preparedness Toolkit

Explore the E-Ready website for a wide range of important public health emergency preparedness tools and resources:

A Coordinated Statewide Effort

Vermont public health officials work with other government agencies, communities, hospitals, health care providers, and first responders to be prepared to respond to an array of public health emergencies including pandemic influenza, extreme weather events, and release of biological, chemical or radiological agents.

A key component is the Vermont Health Alert Network. VTHAN is a secure web-based alert system with the capability to provide 24/7/365 notification and alerts about public health situations to registered public health professionals and key response partners.

Health Department Readiness

Taking action to protect the health of the public in any emergency requires that your Health Department be well prepared to respond to a wide range of threats. Key elements of public health preparedness include:

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