Selecting an Asbestos Contractor

There are different types of services available for the removal of asbestos. Property owners should become familiar with these services when looking for an asbestos contractor.


Inspections are performed by asbestos consultants.

A consultant can conduct an inspection and may also be certified to perform other functions such as management planner (mostly for schools), project designer (design the abatement specifications) or project monitor (monitor the contractor during abatement or conduct the final air and visual clearance).

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See Asbestos Consultants & Contractors for a listing of companies that will conduct repair, removal, enclosure and encapsulation activities.

If asbestos is found after an inspection, you may choose to ask the inspector for further assistance in planning the abatement. The inspector may assist you by making contacts with abatement contractors. A project designer can design the abatement that a contractor would follow, or the abatement company can put together work specifications. As the building owner, you may choose to hire either a project designer or an abatement contractor.

A project monitor can also be hired for oversight of the abatement contractor, but must conduct the final visual and air clearance required to determine if the area meets the state regulations for clearance. A project monitor can not be an employee of the abatement contractor.

Obtain at least three bids from consultants and contractors.
The inspector/project designer consultant can help you with bids and hiring of the project monitor. You may choose to have the consultant do all the coordinating for the project, or do the hiring yourself, which may reduce any conflict of interest issues.

Ask the contractor or consultant to provide you with a written proposal that includes a description of what they will do, the content of the final report, a schedule and a budget. The Service Provider Checklist will help property owners, homebuyers, and renters ensure that their asbestos inspector and abatement contractor is trained, qualified, and capable.

Certified firms and individuals must be used to perform asbestos-related services in Vermont.

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Asbestos Service Provider Checklist

Department of Health staff can provide information regarding on-file enforcement actions of asbestos consultants and contractors. We can also explain the abatement process and answer any other questions you may have. Call 1-800-439-8550 for information.

Asbestos Consultants & Contractors

Consultant Contractors & Individual Consultants [ PDF ]
Contact and other information for selecting asbestos consultants and contractors. The listings have been certified in accordance with Vermont regulations for asbestos control.

Certified firms and individuals must be used to perform asbestos-related services in Vermont.

If you have any questions, please contact the Asbestos Regulatory Program at 802-863-7236, or toll-free in Vermont 800-439-8550.

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