Asbestos: Renovation and Demolition

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Vermont Department of Health (Department) have specific requirements for rental, public, and commercial buildings, where renovation or demolition activities are to take place.

Under the law, both the building owner and contractor are responsible to ensure the inspection has been conducted prior to the renovation or demolition.

What happens if the inspector finds asbestos-containing materials (ACM) in the building?

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What happens if the inspector does not find ACM in the building?

Are there ACM that a general contractor can remove?

The specific ACMs listed below pose less of a helath risk because they do not release fibers easily unless chipped, ground, sanded, sawed, drilled, abraded, etc.  These materials include:

A general contractor is allowed to remove the above listed asbestos materials without an asbestos abatement entity license or an abatement permit, if removal action does not create friable conditions.  Please note that specific work practices to control asbestos hazard potential must be utilized.  For more information, please see the Vermont Regulations for Asbestos Control (VRAC) Section 6.

Does an inspector have to sample these materials?

No, any party can sample only the materials listed above, and submit the samples to a licensed analytical laboratory, following the Department's guidelines.  Please note, any removal of these materials must be in accordance with Section 6 of VRAC.

These materials do have to be removed prior to the renovation or demolition and the building owner or general contractor can do this in accordance with VRAC.

There are work standards and disposal requirements for these materials outlined in Section 6 of VRAC.

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Sample List of Suspect Abestos-Containing Materials

This list does not include every product or material that may contain asbestos.

cement pipes

cement wallboard

cement siding

asphalt floor tile

vinyl floor tile

vinyl sheet flooring

flooring backing

construction mastics

acoustical plaster

decorative plaster

textured paints/coatings

ceiling tiles and lay-in panels

spray-applied insulation

exterior asbestos cement siding

exterior asbestos roofing materials

fireproofing materials

taping compounds (thermal)

packing materials (walls/floors)

high temperature gaskets

laboratory hoods/table tops

laboratory gloves

fire blankets

fire curtains

elevator equipment panels

elevator brake shoes

HVAC duct insulation

boiler insulation

breeching insulation

ductwork flexible fabric

pipe insulation

heating and electrical ducts

electrical cloth insulation


roofing shingles/felt/flashing

thermal paper products

fire doors



joint compounds

vinyl wall coverings

spackling compounds

exterior asbestos transite board

exterior asbestos cement piping

vinyl asbestos floor tile and mastic’s

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Additional Information

The Asbestos Program provides certification lists of inspectors, contractors and laboratories. We also have guidance on sampling and work standards. We can also provide you with technical assistance and additional information about state and federal requirements.

For more information contact:

Asbestos and Lead Regulatory Program
P.O. Box 70 , 108 Cherry St .
Burlington, VT 05402
800-439-8550 (toll free within Vermont)
Fax: 802-863-7483

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