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Best Practices and indoor air problems

The best practices section provides school administrators, nurses, maintenance and custodial staff with the tools to use when planning for renovations, preventative maintenance, pest management and control, monitoring drinking water, and other building activities. The practices may reduce the potential scope of possible problems identified by the Legislature under Act 125:

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School building materials and practices

Information and resources about materials and practices in common use in school operations and construction that may compromise indoor air quality or negatively impact human health:

Fact Sheets

More Information

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Health problems

Resources and information on potential health problems associated with common building materials and substances, with specific reference to children’s vulnerability:

More information, guidance, and checklists, including mold resources mold, can be found in the IAQ Coordinator’s Guide Mold and Moisture, and in IAQ Tools for Schools.

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Green Cleaning

Basics of Green CleaningGreen cleaning programs rely on the use of environmentally-sensitive chemical
products and high performance cleaning equipment. Green cleaning products and equipment clean as effectively as traditional products, while minimizing adverse impacts on people’s health and the environment.

In 2012, the Vermont General Assembly passed Act 68, requiring commercial vendors to sell only third party certified environmentally preferable cleaning products to public schools. An effective green cleaning program requires specialized cleaning products, equipment and procedures.

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Pest management and control

Here are links to information on integrated pest management and alternatives to chemical pest control:

Preventive management options

Environmental Protection Agency preventive management options for commercial buildings:

Additional Resources

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