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Investigation into Tritium Contamination at Vermont Yankee
Maps, images and diagrams

Monitoring Well Location Map & Plume Footprint Estimate PDF document
April and September 2010 Maps PDF document
Illustrations of the Vermont Yankee power station property. Each displays labeled locations of the monitoring wells, and a representation of the estimated plume footprint.

Vermont Yankee Site [BITMAP] [JPEG]
Aerial image of the Vermont Yankee power station property, with certain buildings labled.

Advanced Off-Gas (AOG) Building Schematic PDF document
This 3-D schematic representation shows the AOG Building and related infrastructure within the surrounding excavation area.

AOG Pipe Tunnel Schematic [JPEG]
This drawing illustrates the orientation of the AOG pipe tunnel, at the north end of the excavation, and the AOG drain pit to the south. The drain pit runs along the length of the excavation, between the excavation and the AOG Building. Within the drain pit is the AOG drain tank. The feature labeled ‘tunnel drain’ is the floor drain which had been clogged allowing for the buildup of water within the tunnel. The two steam trap drain lines that leaked into the tunnel and then out the pipe tunnel at the flawed concrete joint, are two one-inch lines at the top and right side of the tunnel.

AOG Pipe Tunnel Excavation Soil Sampling Sites PDF document
Diagram of the soil study area showing sites #1, #2 and #7, where soil samples taken have shown concentrations of Strontium-90

AOG Pipe Tunnel Excavation Image 1 [JPEG]
AOG Pipe Tunnel Excavation Image 2 [JPEG]
The excavation images are as viewed from the north end. The piping that runs through the center of the excavation includes two emergency diesel generator fuel lines. The lines required special precautions during the excavation, as did the electrical duct for the emergency diesel generators (the concrete structure on the right). Image 2 shows workers removing soils from the excavation. Samples of these soils have been analyzed for radioactivity. Samples near the AOG pipe tunnel included radioactive metals, indicating the leakage pathway from the tunnel into the environment.

Page updated: December 6, 2010

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