Public Health Grand Rounds

Our Public Health Grand Rounds series features presentations about significant public health issues and the challenges they pose. This series is intended to promote a dialogue within the department and with the Vermont professional community.

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Public Health Grand Rounds are periodically through the year except during the summer. Time and location are the same unless otherwise noted. You can also join the live presentation webcast.

Time: 8:30 – 9:30 AM
Location: Health Department Conference Room 2B; 108 Cherry St., Burlington (Google map)

Oct 27 John Searles, Anne VanDonsel and Shayla Livingston - Vermont Department of Health
Opioids in Vermont: Prevalence, Risk, and Impact

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Opioids in Vermont: Prevalence, Risk, and Impact

Date: Thursday, October 27, 2016
Time: 8:30 a.m.

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View Recorded Presentations


Jan 28 - Strategies to Prevent Unintended Pregnancy through Long Acting Reversible Contraception WAV format
Presentation slides PDF document
Donna Burkett, MD, Medical Director Planned Parenthood of Northern New England; Erica Gibson, MD, Adolescent Medicine Specialist Division of Primary Care Pediatrics and the Vermont Child Health Improvement Project


Oct 22 - Public Health and Primary Care Integration: How Health Reform is Impacting the Way We WorkWAV format
Julie Arel, Health Promotion & Disease Prevention Division Director; Nicole Lukas, Director of Health Systems
(Note: Orginally presented 10/22. This is a recording of the Nov. 19, 2015 presentation)

Sep 24 - VHCURES: Status, Exploratory Analyses, and Best Uses of Vermont’s All Payer Claims Database for Public Health Programs WAV format; Presentation slides PDF document
Maria Roemhildt, PhD, Health Analyst, Vermont Asthma Program

Jul 23 - Cannabis and the Brain WAV format (audio only until 10 min point)
Presentation slides: Long Term Effects of Cannabis on the Brain PDF document
Jim Hudziak, MD, Director of the Vermont Center for Children, Youth, and Families; University of Vermont College of Medicine

Jun 25 - EMS Strong: Improvement Highlights from Vermont’s EMS System WAV format
Mike Leyden, Deputy Director, Office of Emergency Medical Services

May 28 - Characteristics of Vermont Children & Youth with Adverse Family Experiences PDF document
Laurin Kasehagen, Office of Maternal and Child Health
(NOTE: Presentation slides only. For more information contact Laurin Kasehagen)

Apr 23 - OnCall for Vermont (Recording not available)
Derek Coffrin, Emergency Preparedness and State MRC Coordinator; Mallory Staskus, Public Health Specialist, Division of Emergency Preparedness, Response and Injury Prevention

Mar 26 - A Case for Evidence-Based Health Communication WAV format
Matt Dugan, President, Shadow Associates in Behavior Change

Feb 26 - Health Communication, Marketing, and Media at the Health Department WAV format
Nancy Erickson, Communication Director, Communication Advisory Team


Jun 26 - Workforce Development at the Department of Health WAV format
Amy Malinowski, RD Prevention Team Leader; Jan K. Carney, MD, MPH Associate Dean for Public Health: Professor of Medicine, UVM College of Medicine

May 22 - The Hungry Heart: Prescription Drug Addiction in Vermont WAV format
Bess O’Brien, Filmmaker, Theater Producer

Mar 26 - Trends in Oral Health and Health Care Reform WAV format
Craig Stevens, MPH, Senior Consultant, JSI Research and Training Institute Inc.

Feb 26 - Youth Risk Behavior Survey WAV format
Shayla Livingston, MPH, Public Health Analyst 

Jan 23 - You Can Do It, WIC Can Help: The WIC Mother/Baby Breastfeeding Study YouTube
Lynne Bortree, MS WIC Nutrition Specialist; Caitlyn Dayman, MS Public Health Analyst; Karen Flynn WIC Program Administrator (NOTE: Grand Rounds recording not available. This same presentation was recorded from a Jan. 22, 2014 webinar to the National WIC Association Leadership Academy)

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Jan 24 - VPQHC: Turning Healthcare Inside Out WAV format
Catherine Fulton, MS, CPHQ, Executive Director, Vermont Program for Quality in Health Care

Feb 28 - The Agency Improvement Model: Quality Improvement at the Health Department WAV format
Jessie Baker, Performance Improvement Manager; Megan Lausted, Public Health Nurse (Middlebury); Daniel Smith, Manager in Information Technology

Mar 28 - Rapid Referral Program WAV format
Annie Ramniceanu, MS, LCMHC, LADC, Spectrum Youth & Family Services

Apr 25 - Worksite Wellness: Creating a Culture of Wellness in Vermont WAV format
Susan Coburn, Nutrition and Physical Activity Chief; Tanya Weigel, Statewide Worksite Wellness Coordinator. Audio begins at 2:34

May 23 - Women’s Health and the Affordable Care Act
Thérèse Fitzgerald, Director, Women's Health Policy and Advocacy Program at the Connors Center, Brigham and Women's Hospital. (Recording not available. Contact us for information)

Oct 24 - Adverse Childhood Experiences and their Relationship to Adult Health, Well-being, and Premature Death WAV format
Vincent J. Felitti, MD, Kaiser Permenante, Co-Principal investigator of the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study
Note: periodic static in audio due to recorder feedback.

Nov 21 - Public Health GIS "Digital Map Fair" WAV format
Presentation leaders Peter Young, GIS Manager; John Olson, Rural Health & Primary Care Chief; with other Health Department staff presentations

Dec 19 - Using Behavioral Economics to Understand and Impact Health Decision Making
Lizzy Pope, PhD RD, Postdoctoral Research Associat,e Cornell Food and Brand Lab, Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management (Recording not available. Contact us for information)

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Jan 26 - Getting to Outcomes: How We Know We're Making a Difference WAV format
Anne Lezak, ADL Consulting

Feb 23 - Environmental Public Health Tracking (recording not available)
Lori Cragin, Division of Environmental Health

Mar 22 - Advances in Developmental and Autism Screening Practices (recording not available)
Breena Holmes, Maternal & Child Health; Sarah Berry, Vermont Child Health Improvement Program

Apr 26 - Effectiveness of Community-Based Substance Abuse Prevention in Vermont: Findings from the Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant (SPF-SIG) Evaluation WAV format
Dr. Robert Flewelling,Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation; Amy Livingston, SPF-SIG Evaluation Coordinator

May 24 - The Importance of Oral Health during Pregnancy and Early Childhood: Two is Too Late! PDF document
Accompanying video: Dental Health in Pregnancy (UK) MOV format
Steve Arthur, DDS, MPH Director, Office of Oral Health

June 28 - Healthy Vermonters 2020 WAV format
Debra Wilcox, Department of Health Director of Planning and Healthcare Quality, and Jennifer Hicks, Research, Epidemiology and Evaluation Unit Chief, share how HV2020 will support and guide the state's efforts for improving the health of all Vermonters, and discuss the actions taken to bring the HV2020 document to fruition.

Aug 23 - Vermont Health Care Reform PowerPoint
Commissioner Harry Chen, MD, Vermont Department of Health
Note: Video and audio recording not available due to a technical problem.

Sep 27 - Sexual Health Education and High Risk Youth WAV format  Presentation Slides PowerPoint
Ilisa Stalberg, SIG Coordinator; Breena Holmes, MD, Director Maternal & Child Health; The Bristol Hub

Dec 20  - Digital Library & Dana Medical Library Resources for Department of Health Staff WAV format
Tracy Dolan, Deputy Commissioner for Public Health; Bob Sekerak, Dana Medical Library
Note: Recorder problems created frequent, brief breaks in audio. Audio begins at 5:20.

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