Referral to Cleft Lip/Palate Clinic

Our goal is to have every baby born in Vermont with a cleft lip/palate or craniofacial anomalies referred to the clinic as soon as possible.

For newborns

The referral should come to Children with Special Health Needs or to the plastic surgeons from the primary care provider, the hospital social worker, nurse or parent. It is always best to refer infants as soon as possible so we can provide information and assist with potential feeding problems.

The infant may also be a good candidate for nasal alveolar molding which can be fitted at a very early age.

For older children

Older children are always welcome as well. Children can be referred when they are new to the area, recently adopted or when a problem with palate movement affecting speech is noticed.

Sources are parents, pediatricians, speech pathologists, school nurses or special educators. These referrals should be made directly to the nurses at CSHN. And an appointment will be made for the next available clinic.

Please call referrals to

Sue Offenhartz, RN
1-800-660-4427 ext. 1317

Luise Durr, RN
CSHN- Rutland
1-800-724-5077 ext. 6126

Dr Donald Laub or Dr David Leitner
Plastic Surgeon-FAHC

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