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"Healthy People in
Healthy Communities"

Vermont Obesity Prevention Plan

A Statewide Plan Engaging Individuals, Organizations, Communities, Government & Industry.

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Vermont's Obesity Prevention Plan provides a framework for increasing physical activity and improving nutrition across multiple areas. It includes actions to be taken by government, social service and health agencies, communities, work sites, schools, early childcare programs, families and individuals.

Obesity Plan Target Areas

The Obesity Prevention Plan specifies actions and provides resources for each target area:

Action area: Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding will be the norm for infant, and part of a baby's healthy diet for a year or longer.

Breastfeeding supports, resources and information

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Action area: Healthy Communities

Vermonters will live in communities that support healthy eating and physical activity.

Healthy Community Design
Complete Streets
More Resources

Healthy Community Design

Healthy community design means planning and designing communities to make it easier for people to live healthy lives. Researchers and community members recognize that an environment that supports active living, and expands access to healthy and affordable foods, is essential for good health. Healthy community design changes the physical environment, community infrastructure and local policy to create such an environment.

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention's (CDC) Recommended Community Strategies and Measurements to Prevent Obesity describes a range of strategies that communities can use to support physical activity and healthy eating.

Of these, the following four are most relevant for Vermont’s population, rural character and framework for local planning:

Healthy Community Design Resource

Vermont Healthy Community Design resource: Active Living and Healthy EatingActive Living & Healthy Eating
Healthy Community Design Resource

This resource guide is for health professionals, planners, and anyone seeking to make their community a place that supports active living and healthy eating. Use the information, tools and resources in this guide to successfully navigate the worlds of land use planning and public health.


Get the Healthy Community Design Resource

More Resources for Health Community Design

Complete Streets

Streets should safely accommodate all transportation system users, regardless of age, ability, or their preferred mode of transportation, including walking, biking, driving, or the use of transit.

Vermont is taking action to turn these  principles into policy. The Complete Streets law supports the state's' goal of increasing the number of Vermonters who engage in regular physical activity, by creating communities where walking and bicycling are made safe and accessible.

Complete Streets: A Guide for Vermont CommunitiesComplete Streets
A Guide for Vermont Communities

The Complete Streets guide and accompanying presentation, were developed to assist towns with understanding the law and providing examples of how Complete Streets can be applied in Vermont communities.


Complete Streets: A Guide for Vermont Communities PDF document

More Healthy Community Resources

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Action area: Early Childcare

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Action area: Government & Partner Organizations

Agencies and organization will make formal agreements to collaborate and provide leadership, active involvement and commitment to meet the Fit & Healthy Vermonters objectives.

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Action area: Health Care

Vermonters will be served by a health care system that invests in and recognizes quality.

Healthier Weight Provider Toolkits

Promoting Healthier Weight in Pediatrics ToolkitThe Promoting Healthier Weight in Pediatrics toolkit and its companion toolkit for Adult Primary Care are designed to provide guidance to pediatric primary care providers in the prevention and treatment of obesity.



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Action area: Healthy Retailers

Live Healthy Ryan EdwardsVermont has an exciting opportunity to improve the overall health of Vermonters!

The Healthy Retailers initiative focuses on three key areas: tobacco, alcohol, and healthy foods. Whether it’s reducing tobacco and alcohol advertising in stores or promoting healthier food options, community members are working with independent retailers to make small changes that have a big impact.


Community members are partnering with local retailers to create solutions that benefit everyone: the retailers, their customers and the larger community. See our report of community member surveys and store audits that shows strong support for the initiative.

The Vermont Department of Health offers a number of resources and tools to help community members and retailers to successfully make the small changes that will have a big impact:

Live Healthy Other eye-catching materials to support retailers include: colorful posters using Vermont role models, signs to hang over aisles offering healthy food or beverage items, “Shop here. Shop healthier” door clings, and table tents to remind shoppers that health changes can be easy to make, and allow retailers to highlight healthy items they may already have in their store. 

For more information: Contact your local district health office.

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Action area: Individuals and Families

Individuals and families will be fully informed and have the skills to manage their health to prevent obesity and related chronic diseases.

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Action area: Schools

All Vermont schools will:

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Action area: Worksites

Employers will have policies in place to promote healthy behaviors.

Employers will offer physical activity and nutrition programs that support healthy behaviors among employees.

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