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Physical Activity Quiz

This quiz will help you determine how active you are and if you are getting enough physical activity.

1. Yes   No    I am physically active at least 30 minutes per day, most days of the week.

2. Yes   No     I try to use the stairs or park far away from stores.     

3. Yes   No     I have physical activity goals for myself.

4. Yes   No    
I try to be active most days, even when things come up, like bad weather or a change in my schedule.

5. Yes   No    
 I can find fun ways to be active.

6. Yes   No    
 My family and/or friends support my being physically active.

7. Yes   No     
I know how to be safe while being active - such as dressing for hot or cold weather or starting slowly when trying a new activity.

Check out your score

If you checked 6 - 7 yesses = Congratulations! You make healthy activity choices on a regular basis. Keep up the good habits and find ways to continue being active. Check out the Staying Motivated (pdf) tip sheet for ideas to keep moving.

Checked 3 - 5 = Half way there! Look at your No answers and set goals to help you make changes in these areas. Use the Goal Setting Worksheet (pdf) to help.

Checked 0 - 2 = Health Alert! Your activity level is probably too low. Check out the Getting Started with Physical Activity (pdf) tip sheet for ideas on how to Get Moving!

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