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About the Toolkit

The Provider’s Toolkit offers to providers of pediatric care an organized compilation of current standards and materials that relate to preventive health supervision and health screening for children and adolescents. It is designed to support Health Screening Recommendations for Children and Adolescents (Vermont's Periodicity schedule), a chart that outlines the schedule and standards for Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT) services required for Medicaid-eligible children. Although an in-office poster of the schedule is still available, the chart and its recommendations are now incorporated into this website and directly linked to the associated tools.

Toolkit User Guide

The Provider's Toolkit is designed to help providers implement the recommendations contained in the Periodicity Schedule, and thus, the materials focus primarily on pediatric health supervision and prevention. The Toolkit includes background articles, in-office screening and assessment tools, educational resources for patient self-management, practice systems design tools, and community resources for information and referral. These categories are based on information from providers about their use of toolkit materials and on the categories used by the Bright Futures project.

There are a number of ways of accessing the information in the toolkit. If you are interested in seeing all of the tools associated with one of the above categories, you will choose Search by Type of Tool on the home page. Other search options include:

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Criteria for Inclusion

Prior to inclusion in the Toolkit, information is reviewed by appropriate Department of Health program staff and/or members of the Vermont Chapters of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Family Practice. Please note that this applies only to the tools listed as part of the website (see "List All Tools") and does not apply to material outside of the Vermont Department of Health website accessed by a hyperlink. Outside sources that are accessed directly by clicking on the name of a tool itself are organizations known to VDH as reliable sources of accurate information and they are often sources from which toolkit information has been obtained in the past. Other website addresses have been included for the user's convenience because they are reputable sources and the material is believed to be reliable, relevant and useful, however this information has not gone through a rigorous review.

Criteria for Toolkit material:

A Note About Bright Futures

One of the sources used in developing Vermont's Periodicity Schedule and toolkit materials is Bright Futures, a project of the Maternal and Child Health Bureau and the American Academy of Pediatrics. The Bright Futures guidelines and materials, which focus on health supervision for infants, children and adolescents, are currently being updated. When the updated recommendations and materials are available they will be incorporated or combined with this toolkit as a system of care.


In 1998, the Vermont Department of Health, in collaboration with the Vermont Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Vermont Chapter of the American Academy of Family Practice, the Office of Vermont Health Access and representatives of school nurses, mental health providers, dental providers, and other health care providers published Health Screening Recommendations for Children and Adolescents (often referred to as the Periodicity Schedule). Although the Periodicity Schedule was created to set standards for the care of chhildren covered by Medicaid, it is hoped that this will be accepted as the standard of care for all of Vermont children and adolescents.

As the Periodicity Schedule was developed, it was recognized that a companion resource tool would be valuable for supporting providers' efforts to put the new standards into practice, and the Provider's Toolkit was created. The initial format was a hard-copy collection of resources in a file box with sections for each of 21 topic areas. It was distributed to pediatric and family practitioners and school nurses around the state, and updates were mailed to all of these providers about twice per year. In 2004 a survey was done to evaluate the Toolkit's effectiveness and convenience, with results indicating that a web-based version would increase use of this resource. It was also clear that a website would offer much greater flexibility, expanded search options, and a vastly simplified and less expensive update process.

Contacting the Toolkit Project

Comments about the Toolkit are welcome and periodic evaluations of its usefulness will be conducted. To make comments or seek information please contact:

Provider’s Toolkit Project
Vermont Department of Health
Division of Community Public Health
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