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Resources for Working with Special Populations

Cultural and Language Differences

Vermont is more diverse today than ever before. This section contains resources for working with people from other cultural and linguistic backgrounds, including recently arrived refugees.

Children in State Custody

Children in State custody often face special challenges that can affect their health adversely. These challenges may include high levels of stress, frequent moves, lapses in preventive health visits and/or a lack of continuity in health care services.

The period of custody, even if relatively short, offers an opportunity to address unmet health needs, and health care providers can play a key role in assuring that high quality and well integrated services are provided to this vulnerable population.

Children with Chronic Illnesses / Special Health Needs

The Provider's Toolkit focuses primarily on screening and prevention, and is not intended to be a source of comprehensive information about the care of chilldren with chronic illnesses or disabilities. This section provides resources for a few chronic conditions commonly seen in childhood, as well as growth charts for children with Down Syndrome.

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