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Recommended Services for age: 15 months

Symbol Indicates
1 Service is Routine for all
2 Service is Not Routine—Provide when indicated by risk assessment

History, Physical & Developmental and Assessment

Service Components/Tools
A Comprehensive History
  • 1 Do Comprehensive History
Head Circumference
  • 1 Determine percentile for age
Height & Weight
Comprehensive Physical Assessment
  • 1 As part of a complete physical examination, the following should be particularly noted:
  • 1 Cardiac Murmers
  • 1 Developmental hip dysplasia
  • 1 Early childhood caries (baby bottle tooth decay) or dental injuries
  • 1 Examine the toddler's feet and observe her walking and gait. Reassure the parent about normal variations.
  • 1 Excessive inuries or bruising that may indicate inadequate supervision or abuse and any other evidence of possible neglect or abuse.
  • 1 Skin mottling, erythema toxicum, hemagiomas, nevi, mongilian spots, Cafe Au Lait Spot, or birthmarks
  • 1 Tooth eruption
Developmental Assessment
Emotional and Behavioral Assessment

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Condition Specific Risk Assessment & Screening

Service Components/Tools
Hearing Screening
Hematocrit or Hemoglobin
Lead/Environmental Screening
Oral Health Screening
Tuberculosis Screening
Vision Screening

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Routine Preventive Interventions

Service Components/Tools
Anticipatory Guidance, Including Injury Prevention Counseling and other Health Education

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