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The Following Services are Included in Vermont’s Health Screening Recommendations for Children and Adolescents. Select a service for details including age specific recommendations and related resources.

History, Physical & Developmental Assessment

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Condition-Specific Risk Assessment & Screening

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Routine Preventive Interventions

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The periodicity schedule is designed for the care of children who have no significant health problems and are growing and developing in satisfactory fashion. Children with special health and/or developmental needs may require more frequent visits for health supervision.

Children and adolescents with special psychosocial needs may also require additional visits for counseling or other treatment. This may include children whose families are undergoing significant stress or major transitions, or children being served by state child protective services.

Health screening and other services must also accomodate the culture and first language of the child or adolescent and that of the family or caregivers.

Additonal resources for providing care for families with the some of the needs described above may be found at:

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