Act 142 and Vermont EMS

Act 142, adopted by the 2009-2010 General Assembly, requires the Commissioner of Health by January 15, 2012, to prepare a proposal to the legislature, in the form of draft legislation, that will address:

Rule Making Process

In accordance with the Act, the new rules are effective March 01, 2011

Act 142 Rule Making

As a starting point for the formal rule making process, the Health Department held a series of public hearings around Vermont in August 2010 to encourage a broad discussion among stakeholders and the public.

The Health Department issued proposed EMS rules in November 2010. The proposed rules were then revised following a public comment period which ended December 24, 2010.

Proposed Rules (for archival information)

The following documents are PDF versions of the proposed EMS rules which have been filed with the Secretary of State’s Office and the Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules:

Incorporations by Reference

These documents are incorporated by reference into the proposed EMS Rules. By doing so, it allows for these materials to remain current by national standards without having to further revise the rules.

Act 142 Commissioner's Consultation Group

Act 142 Commissioner's Consultation Group

Assisting the Commissioner of Health with this charge is a group of EMS stakeholder consultants described in the Act.

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