Child Care Providers Manual
Vermont Immunization Requirements

The Vermont Department of Health Immunization Program is pleased to provide the newly revised Child Care Provider’s Manual, and resources for completing the annual Child Care Provider's Immunization Status Report. Vermont law requires that all licensed and registered child care providers collect immunization records and submit to the Health Department a summary report showing the vaccination status of the children in your care.

This manual is designed to guide you through the process of collecting and reporting immunization information for children enrolled in your program. The updated manual is organized to help make this process as straightforward and simple as possible.

Materials for completing the child care provider immunization status report

Please use these resources to complete the Annual Child Care Provider's Immunization Status Report:

Forms - All of the updated immunization forms are located here. It is important that you use the forms provided.

Supplemental Information is included here for those who are interested in learning more about immunizations. This information can be printed and shared with parents, teachers, and other people who work with children.

Additional Resources for more information about immunizations

For information or assistance, please contact:
Vermont Department of Health
Immunization Program
800-640-4374 (toll free within Vermont)


All forms are current as of 9/19/13

Listing of Provisional and Exempt Children (Line List)

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Supplemental Information


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