Immunization in Vermont

doctor bandaging patient after giving a vaccinationVaccines are one of our nation's most successful and cost-effective public health tools.

Immunizations are the single most important way to protect your family against serious and sometimes deadly diseases. Many of the diseases that vaccines prevent can’t be easily treated or cured. Some are especially dangerous for infants and young children as they spread easily from person to person. Even one infected person can cause an outbreak of diseases like measles and chickenpox.

The Department of Health works statewide with providers and community partners to make sure children and adults receive the immunizations they need.

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Read our 2014 Annual Report PDF document

It's OK to Ask

It's OK to Ask. Visit oktoaskvt.orgWe all have questions about immunization.

And it’s good to have ongoing conversations—with
our doctors, with other parents—that center around
facts so parents like you and I can feel comfortable
with our decisions. It really is ok to ask questions
about immunization!

Find information and join the conversation: visit

Call Your District Health Office

Each of the Health Department's 12 District Offices has a public health nurse who serves as a nearby Immunization Designee to answer your questions and provide information and assistance.

Contact your local immunization designee, or visit your district office's website below for more information and a listing of communities served.

District Office




Linda Seel

802 479-0987


Barbara Kruml

802 447-6404


Megan Lynde

802 251-2105


Shannon Stem

802 657-4232


Megan Lausted

802 388-5742


Wendy Kruger

802 888-1353


Linda Oliver

802 334-4386


Jennifer Wedin

802 786-5104


Sarah Orr

802 885-8925

St. Albans

Meredith Plumpton

802 527-5583

St. Johnsbury

Jill Brown

802 751-0170

White River Jct.

Janice Eberly

802 281-5026 

Central Office

Program Staff

800 640-4374

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About Vermont's Immunization Program

Vaccinations help protect against risk of disease, whether from contact with individuals who choose to not be vaccinated, or when traveling to places that have diseases not common in Vermont.

Increasing immunization coverage will protect the health of all Vermonters by reducing, and preventing serious disease in the children and adults who receive immunizations against vaccine-preventable diseases.

The Immunization Program conducts ongoing assessments of population health status to identify populations at risk for vaccine preventable disease, and to find opportunities to reduce risk and promote health. Program activities are developed based on best practices to ensure access to affordable vaccines, support vaccination in the medical home, and provide the public with information needed to vaccinate with confidence.

Vermont Immunization Program Annual Report

Contact Us

Immunization Program
Vermont Department of Health
PO Box 70
108 Cherry Street
Burlington, VT 05402
Tel: 802-863-7638 or 800-640-4374

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