Immunization in Vermont

Immunizations are the single most important way to protect your family against serious and sometimes deadly diseases.

Vaccination clinicVermont's Immunization Program works with families, providers, and community partners to make sure children and adults are protected against vaccine-preventable disease.

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We all have questions about childhood immunizations.

And it’s good to have ongoing conversations—with our doctors, with other parents—that center around facts so parents and care givers like you and I can feel comfortable with our decisions.

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Vermont's Immunization Program

"Vaccines are one of the greatest success stories in public health."
— Christine Finley, APRN, Vermont Immunization Program Manager

Dr. Harry Chen, Health Commissioner, receives his flu shot.The Vermont Immunization Program works to protect all Vermonters against vaccine-preventable disease, by increasing immunization coverage levels of children and adults.

Vaccinations help protect against risk of disease, especially among infants too young to be vaccinated, and children and adults who are immunocompromised. Greater coverage will protect the health of all Vermonters who receive immunizations - and the people they are close to.

The Immunization Program provides:

Immunization Program Contacts

District Health Office Clinics and Information

Our District Health Offices each have a public health nurse who serves as a local Immunization Designee, who can answer your questions and provide assistance. Find the District Office nearest you.

Monthly Immunization Clinics

Each office holds a monthly immunization clinic for people ages 2 months to 64 years, who lack insurance or access to a health care provider. Call ahead to schedule an appointment.

District Office Websites and Immunization Contacts
District Office Immunization Designee Telephone
Central Office Program Staff 800 640-4374
Barre Linda 802 479-0987
Bennington Barbara 802 447-6404
Brattleboro Megan 802 251-2105
Burlington Shannon 802 657-4232
Middlebury Megan 802 388-5742
Morrisville Joyce 802 888-1352
Newport Mary 802 334-4386
Rutland Jennifer 802 786-5104
Springfield Sarah 802 289-0591
St. Albans Merideth 802 527-5583
St. Johnsbury Jenny 802 751-0184
White River Jct. Janice 802 281-5026 

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Vermont Immunization Surveillance and Data

The Department of Health monitors and analyzes immunization rates among children, teens, and adults. These assessments help to guide and inform our public health actions, with the goal of improving vaccination rates and reducing vaccine-preventable disease.

Immunization Program Reports — Annual summaries of recent immunization rates and program goals.

Immunization Surveillance and School Data

Vermont Immunization Data Briefs — Topical data summaries drawn from the Immunization Registry's aggregate data on vaccinations.

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Contact the Vermont Immunization Program

Vermont Immunization Program
Vermont Department of Health
108 Cherry Street, PO Box 70
Burlington, VT 05402
Tel: 802-863-7638 or 800-640-4374
Email: Vermont Immunization Program

Immunization Topic Area Program Staff
Immunization Program Chief  Christine Finley 
Vaccines for Children Ines Burazerovic 
Vaccines for Adults Wanda Cosman
Information for Schools Karen Halverson
Information for Child Care IZ Program
AFIX Wanda Cosman
Immunization Registry Bridget Ahrens
Immunization Surveillance Karen Halverson 
Vaccine Purchasing Pool Program Amanda LaScala
Perinatal Hepatitis B Veronica Fialkowski
Vaccine Tracking System (VTrckS) Katie Martinez

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