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Physician Renewals: 8/30/2012 - 11/30/2012

The Board of Medical Practice is pleased to provide licensees with an online renewal system that offers a quick and efficient renewal experience. 

Click below to log-in to your renewal application:

Click to access to Board of Medical Practice online licensing system.

Please Note:

  1. If you currently hold a license in Vermont, you already have an account and do not need to register. 
    1. When you get to the elicensing page, LOG-IN to your account with your username and password. Do NOT Register. All licensees should have log-in information. If you do not, please call Tracy at 802-657-4223.
    2. Malpractice Reporting Forms (Form A)
  2. Physicians licensed by the Board of Medical Practice are now required to complete CME as a requirement for licensure. 

    You will have the entire 2012-2014 license period to complete the required CME, and will not have to report it until you renew your license in 2014. In addition, for the initial cycle with the CME requirement, the Board has proposed that training completed during the period June 1, 2012 to November 30, 2012 count as training completed during the 2012-2014 license period. 

    The final rules for CME have not yet been approved by the Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules (LCAR), but are expected to be substantially similar to what the Board has proposed, including the requirement for 30 hours of CME in each two-year license period, and other subject-specific requirements. More information will be made available after the rules have been finally approved. See the Board’s proposed CME rules

  3. The Department of Health soon contact you about completing the 2012 Physician Census Survey. In the past, the survey was mailed along with your renewal paperwork.  The short survey will take only a few minutes to complete. Having good information about the health care workforce is vitally important, and we ask for your help. Questions about the Physician Census Survey should be directed to 802-865-7703.

Form A
& Malpractice Reporting

What must be reported

This is what must be reported for malpractice:

It is not required to report closed cases for which there was no settlement, arbitration award, or judgment.  In other words, you are not asked to list cases that were dismissed or withdrawn with no findings against you and no payments to the complaining party.  There is no need to list these closed cases that resolved in your favor, no need to fill out Form A for them, and no need to submit further documentation for them.  Again, this applies to cases in which you prevailed or the matter was withdrawn without payment.  

How must it be reported?

For each malpractice claim or case that must be reported per the application and the foregoing, you are asked to:

For the third requirement, the documentation, if you have previously submitted it to the Board and do not have access to the documentation at this time, you need not submit it at this time.  Your renewal will be processed without it. 

We still ask you to fill out Form A for the case. we recognize that Form A calls for the additional documentation to be submitted and that the form does not provide for an exception (and did not in prior years), but our understanding is that the Board has not previously followed up to require submission of documentation, so long as it was already provided and the Form A was submitted with each renewal. 

If you do not have current knowledge of the facts necessary to completely fill out Form A, do your best and make a note on the form. You may also contact us at 802-657-4223 to discuss these matters. 

Why must I list malpractice cases and fill out Form A each time I renew?

Much of the negative feedback we’ve received about the renewal cycle this year concerns the fact that in many instances you have provided malpractice information with one or more previous renewals.  That has been a long-standing requirement for at least two reasons. 

First, one formality of the renewal process is the licensee’s signature as to the completeness of the application, including the malpractice history.  In the old paper system, that history did not appear on the renewal form.  As a result, years ago, the Board determined that the history would be resubmitted each cycle. 

Second, in every renewal cycle, invariably there are licensees who submit information about malpractice cases that should have been previously disclosed, but that had not been. Accordingly, it became apparent over time that from a due diligence perspective, there was good reason to require resubmission each cycle. 

The good news is that this should be the last renewal when our licensees must resubmit old malpractice information that has already been provided.  The new system should allow us to make that history visible to the licensee, so that you will be able to simply certify that the history is complete.   

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