Health Care Workforce Data

The health of Vermonters depends, in part, on access to health care. The Health Department measures the supply of health care providers, including their distribution by geography and specialty. These data are used as the basis for state level analysis, federal level shortage area designations, and recruitment and retention activities. In recent years there has also been a federal effort to define a “minimum dataset” of health care provider data, across the states.


The Health Department has been conducting a census of selected health care providers since 1994. Physicians (MDs and DOs), dentists and physician assistants were surveyed every two years at the time of their relicensing. Advance practice nurses were surveyed in 1998, 2000 and 2002.

In 2013, the Vermont Legislature enacted a law to make workforce data collection mandatory for all health care professions at the time of license renewal. Since then, census data has been collected on dozens of provider types, including nurses, pharmacists, optometrists, psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, dental hygienists and assistants, chiropractors and others. As data is analyzed, health care workforce reports are published on this website.

Who Is Included?

The surveys are intended to include all active providers, which creates a census rather than a sample survey.  For that purpose, the respondents are compared with lists of licensees (from the Board of Medical Practice or the secretary of state, and follow-up is conducted to reach those who did not respond. Final response rate is usually above 99%. Included in the surveys and reports are those practitioners who provide patient care in Vermont. Excluded are the substantial number of providers who maintain Vermont licenses even though they do not practice in Vermont.

Data Collected

The data collected includes location(s) of practice, specialty, type of practice setting and the number of hours worked per week. This allows us to calculate full-time equivalency (FTEs) by specialty and geographic region, which is something that cannot be done from licensure data. Additional information is collected, e.g. on whether practitioners are accepting new patients.


Reports include summaries of survey highlights and detailed statistical analyses, available by provider type and year of survey.

* More reports and provider types will be forthcoming. All documents are in PDF format.

Dental Care (dentist and dental assistant, hygienist, and therapist)
Provider Type Data Year Report Type File Name
Dentist 2015 Detail HS_DDS2015bk.pdf
Dentist 2015 Summary HS_DDS2015ppt.pdf
Dentist 2013 Detail HS_DDS2013bk.pdf
Dentist 2013 Summary HS_DDS2013ppt.pdf
Dentist 2011 Detail HS_DDS2011bk.pdf
Dentist 2011 Summary HS_DDS2011ppt.pdf
Dentist 2009 Detail HS_DDS2009bk.pdf
Dentist 2009 Summary HS_DDS2009ppt.pdf
Dentist 2007 Detail HS_DDS2007BK.PDF
Dentist 2007 Summary HS_DDS2007PPT.PDF
Dentist 2005 Detail HS_DDS2005BK.PDF
Dentist 2005 Summary HS_DDS2005ppt.pdf
Dentist 2003 Detail HS_DDS2003BK.PDF
Dentist 2003 Summary HS_DDS2003PPT.PDF
Dentist 2001 Detail HS_DDS2001BK.PDF
Dentist 2001 Summary HS_DDS2001ppt.pdf
Dentist 1999 Detail HS_DDS1999BK.PDF
Medical Care (physician, physician assistant)
Provider Type Data Year Report Type File Name
Physician 2014 Detail HS_PHYS2014bk.PDF
Physician 2014 Summary HS_PHYS2014ppt.pdf
Physician 2010 Detail HS_PHYS2010bk.PDF
Physician 2010 Summary HS_PHYS2010ppt.pdf
Physician 2008 Detail HS_PHYS2008bk.PDF
Physician 2008 Summary HS_PHYS2008ppt.pdf
Physician 2006 Detail HS_PHYS2006BK.PDF
Physician 2006 Summary HS_PHYS2006PPT.PDF
Physician 2004 Detail HS_PHYS2004BK.PDF
Physician 2004 Summary HS_PHYS2004PPT.PDF
Physician 2002 Detail HS_PHYS2002BK.PDF
Physician 2002 Summary HS_PHYS2002PPT.PDF
Physician 2000 Detail HS_PHYS2000BK.PDF
Physician 1998 Detail HS_PHYS1998BK.PDF
Physician 1996 Detail HS_PHYS1996bk.PDF
Physician 1979 Detail HS_PHYS1979.pdf
Physician Assistant 2014 Detail HS_PA2014BK.PDF
Physician Assistant 2014 Summary HS_PA2014ppt.pdf
Physician Assistant 2012 Detail HS_PA2012BK.PDF
Physician Assistant 2012 Summary HS_PA2012ppt.pdf
Physician Assistant 2010 Detail HS_PA2010BK.PDF
Physician Assistant 2010 Summary HS_PA2010PPT.pdf
Physician Assistant 2008 Detail HS_PA2008BK.PDF
Physician Assistant 2008 Summary HS_PA2008ppt.pdf
Physician Assistant 2006 Detail HS_PA2006BK.PDF
Physician Assistant 2006 Summary HS_PA2006PPT.PDF
Physician Assistant 2004 Detail HS_PA2004BK.pdf
Physician Assistant 2004 Summary HS_PA2004ppt.pdf
Physician Assistant 2002 Detail HS_PA2002BK.PDF
Physician Assistant 2002 Summary HS_PA2002PPT.pdf
Physician Assistant 2000 Detail HS_PA2000BK.PDF
Physician Assistant 1998 Detail HS_PA1998BK.PDF
Nursing (nurse practitioner, registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, licensed nursing assistant)
Provider Type Data Year Report Type File Name
Nurse Practitioner 2015 Detail HS_APRN2015BK.PDF
Nurse Practitioner 2015 Summary HS_APRN2015PPT.PDF
Nurse Practitioner 2002 Detail HS_APRN2002BK.PDF
Nurse Practitioner 2002 Summary HS_APRN2002PPT.PDF
Nurse Practitioner 2000 Detail HS_APRN2000BK.PDF
Nurse Practitioner 1998 Detail HS_APRN1998BK.PDF

Contact Information

For questions about the surveys or reports, please contact:

Moshe Braner
Division of Health Surveillance
108 Cherry Street Burlington, VT 05402
Phone:802-865-7703 or  
800-869-2871 (in Vermont)