Public Health Nursing

Public Health Nursing is the practice of promoting and protecting the health of populations using knowledge from nursing, social and public health sciences.


To ensure excellence in public health nursing leadership, thereby promoting the health of all Vermonters and their communities.

To work collaboratively to:

Public Health Nurse Positions

Public Health Nurse
Public health nurses are involved in the development and implementation of population based programs; they work closely with a designated community within one of the 12 public health districts.

Public Health Nurses Specialist
The specialist’s work influences statewide programs and policies throughout Vermont. They provide leadership, administrative, staff development, clinical and public health program oversight, and community liaison responsibilities, and are able to specialize in specific area of interest/expertise. All positions are located at the VDH Central Office in Burlington.

Public Health Nurse Supervisor
The supervisors provide nursing leadership, management and supervision of clinic staff and advisory responsibilities within the community in one of the 12 district offices within Vermont.

Job Opportunities, Fellowships, Internships

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Public Health Nursing Program Involvement

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Public Health Nursing Practice Model

Description of the * ASTDN Model

Association of State and Territorial Directors of Nursing (ASTDN)
Public Health Nursing Practice Model

The Public Health Nursing Practice Model demonstrates the dynamic nature of the practice of public health nursing within the framework of the core functions and the essential services.

The model consists of three circles:

The activities performed to accomplish the public health core functions and essential services will include all of the elements of the nursing process. For example, a nurse may utilize evaluation (an element of the nursing process) for policy development (a core function) in monitoring health status to identify community health problems (an essential service).

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Public Health Nursing Resources


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