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School Nurse Consultant

The Health Department recognizes that school nursing is critical to the success of the school mission, and that often in the independent practice setting of a School District/Supervisory Union, school nurses can be isolated from other health professionals. As the National Association of School Nurses indicates, “as school nursing becomes more specialized and health issues of students become more complex, it is increasingly crucial that school nurses have state-level school nursing leadership.”

The school nurse consultant provides support to school nurses - in consultation and coordination with the Health Department's medical director, chief of public health nursing, the Departments of Health and Education's Joint School Health Committee, and district health office staff.

Standards of Practice: School Health Services Manual

Provides guidance to school administrators and school nurses in the development, implementation and evaluation of school health services.

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Periodicity Schedules and Best Practices

Information regarding the Provider's Toolkit, Bright Futures, and the Vermont Dental Periodicity Schedule. These resources help provide guidance for health promotion, preventive health supervision, and health screening for children and adolescents as they pertain to their medical and dental homes, family, and community.

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Allergy Management (Life Threatening)

Act 68 of 2013 requires the State Board, in consultation with the Department of Health, to “adopt policies for managing students with life-threatening allergies and other individuals with life-threatening allergies who may be present at a school.”

State Board Policies: Epinephrine Auto-injectors

Complete State Board Policies on Epinephrine Auto-injectors PDF document

Policies by Section:

    Sample page from State Board Policies on Epinephrine Auto-injectors
  1. Sample Allergy Checklists for Allergy Management during Vermont School Activities PDF document
  2. Protocol for the Use of Stock Epinephrine Auto-Injectors during Vermont School Activities PDF document
  3. Emergency Healthcare Plan for Individuals with Known Life-threating Allergies PDF document
  4. Prevention, Protocols, Implementation, Training Resources PDF document
  5. Standing Order Form and Instructions PDF document
  6. Storage, Handling and Disposal PDF document

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Concussion Management

This toolkit is designed to aid school administrators, athletic directors, nurses, coaches and others with a comprehensive concussion management plan. Because each individual school situation is unique, different parts of the plan can be adapted to the school but the basic concepts of an overall plan will be the same.

If you have any questions or concerns about this toolkit, contact the Brain Injury Association of Vermont.

Act 68 and Concussion Management

Act 68 of 2013 requires the development of statewide guidelines, forms, and other materials that are designed to educate coaches, youth athletes, and the parents and guardians of youth athletes regarding:

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The Vermont School Nurse Report can provide data for immunization status by grade, school building, or Supervisory Union/School District in your local area.

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Fact Sheets and Articles

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Wellness and Prevention

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For questions about statewide programs or policies administered at the local level, contact the Health Department District Office near you.

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