August Proclaimed Breastfeeding Promotion Month In Vermont

For Immediate Release: Friday August 1, 2003

Media Contact: Corbett Sionainn
Vermont Department of Health

This month offers a valuable opportunity to raise awareness about the benefits of breastfeeding. Health care professionals agree that breastfeeding improves the health of both baby and mother. It provides a natural defense against many illnesses for babies and lowers the risks some cancers for their mothers.

Breast milk is a complete form of nutrition for infants, enhancing their growth and development. It has just the right amount of fat, sugar, water, and protein that is needed for a baby’s growth and development. Breast milk contains antibodies to help protect infants from bacteria and viruses and to help them fight off infection and disease

“Breastfeeding a child is an important and natural act of nurture that enhances maternal, child, and family health”, said Deputy Commissioner of Health, Sharon Moffatt. “It is one of the most basic and cost effective acts a mother can do to improve the health of her child. Most important, breastfeeding helps to deepen the special bond that links mother and child.”

Health department offices across the state will be recognizing the month in a variety of ways. Contact your local office to learn more about the activities in your area.