Vermont State Hospital Recertification on Schedule

For Immediate Release: August 12, 2004

Contact: Vermont Department of Health
Communication Office

WATERBURY- Contrary to some news reports, the finding of the record keeping deficiency at the Vermont State Hospital during the recent survey by federal officials will not result in any delay in recertification and resumption of federal funding, Health Commissioner Dr. Paul Jarris said on Thursday.

Jarris stressed that, according to federal officials, had the hospital won a perfect score, it still would take up to six months before federal funding was restored.

Surveyors from the federal Department of Health and Human Services’ Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services found no major deficiencies according to their report received August 10, but did find shortcomings in the method by which certain information was recorded in patient files.

The necessary information was included in the patient files, Jarris said, but in some cases was not noted on the appropriate document.

“This is very good news,” said Jarris. “The only shortcoming they found concerns a matter that is easily fixed.”

“We didn’t get a perfect score, but we came very close, and we have good reason to be optimistic that funding will be restored on schedule,” Jarris said.