UPDATED CLINIC SITES: County Flu Shot Clinics for Very High Risk Adults Scheduled for Nov. 18

DATE: November 10, 2004

CONTACT: Communication Office

BURLINGTON - The Vermont Department of Health and the state’s home health agencies and Visiting Nurses Associations will hold a small number of flu shot clinics around the state on Thursday, November 18 for very high risk adults who have no other way to get a flu shot.

Only adults older than 18 who have one or more chronic medical conditions, such as heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, lung disease, a blood disorder or a weakened immune system that require frequent or ongoing medical management, the frail elderly and pregnant women will be eligible for flu shots through these clinics.

These clinics are NOT for people who have only mild asthma, mild emphysema or chronic bronchitis that only requires as-needed or rescue medicine like albuterol - unless they are 50 years or older, or people who have diabetes that is controlled by diet and exercise - unless they are 50 years or older. These clinics are not for people whose only health condition is high cholesterol, controlled high blood pressure, arthritis or dermatitis.

People will not need a note from their doctor, but will be asked to sign a paper verifying that they meet the criteria for a flu shot.

Clinics will be held at public sites around the state. There is a suggested fee of $15, but if the fee is a hardship, most sites will accept whatever amount individuals can afford. Medicaid and Medicare Part B will cover the charge of vaccine for individuals with this coverage, so please bring your Medicaid or Medicare card to clinic with you.

Although a vaccination is the best protection against the flu, it’s not the only protection.

To stay healthy:

If you’re sick, don’t spread your germs to others.

For questions about flu or the flu vaccine, visit the Health Department’s website at www.healthyvermonters.info or call 800-695-0022 (toll-free in state) during business hours.