World AIDS Day 2004 - Focus on Women, Girls and HIV

DATE: November 23, 2004

CONTACT: Communication Office

BURLINGTON, VT – World AIDS Day, coordinated by UNAIDS, the Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS is December 1, 2004. According to the UNAIDS, “this year’s campaign seeks to raise awareness about, and help address, the many issues affecting women and girls around HIV and AIDS.”

“The Vermont Department of Health has an in-state toll-free HIV/AIDS hotline where callers can get accurate, non-judgmental information about risk factors affecting women and girls – and all Vermonters,” said Kurt Kleier, HIV/AIDS chief at the Vermont Department of Health. “We can also provide useful referrals to prevention resources and our anonymous HIV testing program to anyone who calls.”

HIV is spread primarily through sex and needle or syringe sharing.  Women who are considering pregnancy or who are pregnant are also encouraged to ask their medical provider about HIV testing.  A mother with HIV can pass the virus to her baby during pregnancy, birth or breastfeeding. And early intervention and medical care can greatly reduce this risk.

To learn more about HIV/AIDS or find out about HIV testing and other Vermont resources call toll-free in-state 800-882-AIDS (800-882-2437) or for hearing impaired TTY access, dial 800-319-3141 (open weekdays from 8:30-4:30). 

For information 24/7 visit or or call the National AIDS Hotline at 800-342-2437.

For information on World AIDS Day visit