Avoid Heat Related Illness, Conserve Energy
- Official Statement from Governor Jim Douglas

State of Vermont
Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Over the next few days, Vermont is expected to encounter some extremely hot temperatures and increased humidity.  Vermonters can take some commonsense steps to avoid heat-related illness and help conserve energy at a time of potentially record demand.


The Vermont Department of Health recommends the following steps:

I’ve also asked Vermont Emergency Management to closely monitor all heat-related issues and to be prepared to respond with State assets if necessary.


Vermont’s electric utilities report that they do not anticipate difficulties meeting the increased demand on the state’s energy resources, but my administration will continue to monitor this situation very closely.

Summer in Vermont is an excellent time to renew our commitments to energy efficiency and conservation practices that will reduce energy demand and lower our electric bills.  By observing even one of these tips provided by the Department of Public Service, consumers will help reduce their bills and aid the state in its energy usage.

  1. Reduce air conditioning usage – by raising the temperature setting on air conditioner units to a level that is comfortable, but not dramatically cold, can still make one’s home or workplace livable, while saving energy.  Comfortable settings range between 74 and 78 degrees. Even 2 degrees can make a difference in energy consumption.
  2. Lights out – lighting can account for as much as 30% of energy usage.  By turning unused or unnecessary lights out, the savings are instantaneous.
  3. Run Appliances “Off Peak” – by using washers and other non-essential appliances after 8 PM at night, consumers can reduce the state’s energy demand.
  4. Drapery and shades – use window coverings on southern exposed window in buildings, and during the day, to reduce the amount of heat that enters and is trapped inside.

Summer is an enjoyable season for Vermonters and our guests.  By embracing even one of these suggestions, we can enjoy the summer knowing we helped cut energy consumption and costs at the same time.


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