Quit Smoking in the New Year

Free Nicotine Replacement from Vermont Quit Network,
Tips from Former Smokers

For Immediate Release: Dec. 17, 2009
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BURLINGTON – One of the best resolutions Vermonters can make this year is to quit smoking cigarettes – you’ll live longer, feel healthier and save money for the things you really want to do in 2010 and beyond.

The Vermont Quit Network – a service of the Vermont Department of Health – provides extensive online, phone and in-person coaching and support options as well as practical tools to help Vermonters stop smoking.  
Free nicotine-replacement gum, patches or lozenges are delivered directly to smokers’ homes (while supplies last).  Visit VTQuitNetwork.org to find out more.  While at the site, check out quit tips and strategies, or order free quit tools including pedometers, distraction putty, worry stones and mini-quit cards.

Statistics from the Vermont Department of Health show that those who use cessation services are up to five times more likely to be successful when they try to quit smoking than those who do not use cessation services.

Vermonters who are thinking about making a New Year’s resolution to quit smoking can adapt these tips from Vermonters who used to smoke:

“I went online and found people’s stop-smoking 'tricks.' I wrote them on post-it notes and left them everywhere. When I had weak moments, I read the notes posted by ‘strong’ Jackie and they really helped.”
Jackie, South Burlington

“I really cleaned house. I got rid of all the things that made me think of cigarettes. I even cleaned out the car so I wouldn’t connect driving with smoking.”
Michelle, Worcester

“I took a shower every night before bed and when I woke up in the morning to wash away the nicotine on my skin. When I wasn’t smelling the nicotine, my cravings went away.”
Larissa, Colchester

“I was nervous about the cravings before I quit. My friend Kelly told me I could call her whenever I got one. I only had to call her a couple of times, but it was really good to know that she was there for me if I needed her.”
Sarah, Newport

“I used to smoke a pack a day, which was getting pretty expensive. So when I quit, I started putting $5 a day in a jar in my kitchen. I’ve been quit for like 8 months now, so I’ve got a pretty good chunk of change saved up. If I make it to a year being quit, I’m taking my daughter on a vacation with the money.”
Frank, St. Albans

“The biggest reason I quit was for my son. I want to be around when he gets older. So I taped his picture anywhere I used to smoke a lot – in my car, at work, out on the porch. That way I'd see him if I got a craving. So far it's working.”
Alison, Belmont

“Exercising was the biggest thing that helped me quit. Besides not gaining weight like a lot of ex-smokers do, it gave me something to distract myself. I have a rowing machine at home, so I'd jump on that for 10 minutes if I felt like I needed a smoke. Pretty soon, I didn't get many cravings. And I started to get in shape.”
John, Chelsea

Vermont smokers, and their friends and family, who are interested in learning more about the support available when considering quitting should contact the Vermont Quit Network by checking out VTQuitNetwork.org, dialing 1.800.QUIT.NOW (784-8669) or calling a Vermont Quit Network coach at a local Vermont hospital.
The Vermont Tobacco Control Program is funded by payments from the Master Settlement Agreement and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. For more information, visit healthvermont.gov.


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