Flu Information for Schools

The Department of Health works closely with the Department of Education, and directly with schools to help safeguard the health of Vermont’s children, and the health of school staff and faculty.

KNow what to do about the fluThe most important things schools can do to reduce the risk of flu:

It is important that children and adults who show symptoms of flu like illness stay home from school. Not only so that they may get better, but also to avoid passing any virus on to others.

Flu Information

Everyone 6 months of age and older should get the flu vaccine

Ask your health care provider for a flu vaccine, or get vaccinated at a local pharmacy. Vaccine is also available, by appointment and at no charge for children up through age 18 at the Health Department district offices.

Take these simple precautions to help keep illness from spreading:

If you or a student is sick:

Take steps to prevent disease in the classroom:

Flu Resources

Flu Information at Vermont Department of Health

Flu Resources for Schools from the CDC

How to Clean and Disinfect Schools To Slow the Spread of Flu

handwashing poster iconFact Sheets, Posters, Videos
A variety of materials designed to help people learn more about the flu, getting vaccinated, and ways to help prevent spreading the flu. Many of the resources are available in different languages.


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