MDRO Collaborative Participants

The MDRO Collaborative was created for the purpose of bringing together acute care (hospitals) and long-term care facilities to prevent the spread of health care- associated (HAI) multi-drug resistant infections(MDRO) in Vermont.

The Vermont Department of Health HAI team created three webinars to be used as educational tools when explaining the work of the collaborative. Please click on the links below to watch the webinars.

History of the MDRO Collaborative by Dr. Patsy Kelso

National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN)

NHSN webinar

What is NHSN and why do we care (brief description) include website

Technical details

Digital certificates


Infection Prevention Initiatives

Topics we covered with basic user-friendly stuff

webinars or tools

VPQ -- transfer forms, etc

Health Care Clusters

Who were they/map

List of clusters and facilities participating, link to facility website


Get Smart in Health Care

For more information call the Vermont Department of Health at 1-800-640-4374