Asthma Action Plan —
Your Tool for Managing Asthma

If you or your child has asthma, you should have an Asthma Action Plan.

Breathe deep. Live Better. Take on Asthma.People with asthma should routinely check in with their health care provider and develop an action plan to help identify environmental triggers to avoid, to recognize symptoms, and to know when and how to use medications and seek medical attention.

The Asthma Action Plan serves as your written asthma management plan in a simple and user-friendly format.

Start Your Asthma Action Plan

Get the Asthma Action Plan Form:
  1. From your doctor or your child's doctor
    The doctor can help explain the Asthma Action Plan and answer any questions. If the plan is for your child, be sure that you and your doctor both sign it, and send the second page to your child's school nurse. Keep the plan where you can find it quickly in an emergency.

    - OR -

  2. Print the Asthma Action Plan Form PDF document

    - OR -

  3. Order a Hard Copy:
    1. Contact your local District Office for a copy
    2. Order by phone: 1-866-331-5622 (toll free) or 1-802-863-7514
    3. Mail your request:
      Vermont Department of Health
      Asthma Program
      108 Cherry St., P.O. Box 70
      Burlington, VT 05402-0070

Important Tips about Your Asthma Action Plan and staying healthy:

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Resources for You and Your Health Care Provider

Small Changes posterFor Parents and Caregivers:

For Health Care Providers:


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About the Vermont Asthma Action Plan

The Vermont Asthma Advisory Panel created the Action Plan and form to help improve asthma care for individuals throuought the state .

When a child is involved, the written Action Plan provides a tool to improve asthma management and communication between health care providers and the child's school nurse. The plan can also be used with adults.

Contact us

Vermont Asthma Program
Vermont Department of Health
108 Cherry Street
PO Box 70
Burlington, VT 05402

Tel: 1-800-439-8550
Email: Vermont Asthma Program

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