Influenza (Flu) Surveillance in Vermont

Map Of Sentinel ProvidersInfluenza viruses are always circulating, and you can get sick with the flu any time of the year.  However, in Vermont and the rest of the northern hemisphere, influenza illnesses are more common during the cooler months.

The Vermont Department of Health monitors influenza activity in the state and provides weekly surveillance information during the flu season:

Weekly Flu Report

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Vermont Flu Activity Level






The Vermont Weekly Flu Report summarizes Syndromic Surveillance and Sentinel ILI data, as well as weekly and cumulative Laboratory tests and results. See additional Geographic Surveillance information.

Syndromic Surveillance of Influenza-like Illness

Syndromic Surveillance of Influenza-like Illness - Using visit data from several emergency rooms and walk-in clinics in the state, we group this data into various categories, or syndromes, based upon common symptoms such as cough, fever, or stomach pain. These syndromes are then monitored for trends and unusual activity.

Sentinel ILINet Surveillance

This surveillance data is based upon reports submitted by ILINet - a nationwide group of medical offices that act as influenza sentinels.

Sentinel Providers report the number of patients with an influenza-like illness (ILI) seen by their practices each week. The aggregated ILI data are analyzed as part of our monitoring of statewide ILI activity.

Join ILINet — Medical professionals in family practices, internal medicine offices, urgent care centers, emergency rooms, college student health centers, and pediatric practices are invited to join ILINet.

13 medical practices located throughout the state currently partner with the Health Department as sentinels, with at least one practice located in each of the state’s five influenza surveillance regions.

Complete the sentinel provider recruitment form, or call Chelsea Dubie at 800-640-4374 or 802-863-7240.

Laboratory Testing

The Health Department Laboratory tests specimens for influenza to identify exactly which strains are currently causing illnesses in the state.

Influenza testing at the state laboratory is for surveillance purposes only and is available free-of-charge to sentinel practices, members of the department’s syndromic surveillance network, and institutions experiencing influenza-like illness outbreaks. Other providers may request testing under special circumstances, such as caring for a patient with a serious illness or complication due to an influenza-like illness.

Institutions experiencing outbreaks of influenza-like illness or providers with special circumstances will be provided with free influenza specimen collection kits and testing.

Arrange for testing by calling the Vermont Department of Health at 800-640-4374 or 802-863-7240.

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Flu Activity Levels and Geographic Surveillance

Activity Levels

Using the surveillance data, the Department of Health assigns a category of geographic influenza spread and reports that information to the CDC.

Domestic and International Influenza Surveillance

Weekly US Influenza Report International Influenza Surveillance

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Disease Reporting

Health care providers are required by law to report diseases of public health importance.

Cases of reportable diseases should be reported to the Department of Health within 24 hours.

See also: Communicable Disease Reporting in Vermont

Persons who are required to report:

Reportable by medical providers, hospitals, school health officials:

Reportable by laboratories:

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Contact Information

Department of Health - General Information
800-464-4343 (toll free in Vermont)
TTY/TDD: Dial 711 first
Fax: 802-865-7754

800-640-4374 (toll free in Vermont)
24 hours a day, weekends and holidays

800-660-9997 (toll free in Vermont)

Immunization Program
800-464-4343 (toll free in Vermont)

Influenza Surveillance Coordinator
800-640-4374 (toll free in Vermont)

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