Summer safety tips


Warm weather has arrived in Vermont, and the mountains are lush and green again. Swimming at the local pool, hiking in the woods, grilling with friends, and traveling are activities that many people will do during the summer months. You can prevent illness and injuries while enjoying the outdoors by following some simple, yet important health and safety tips.

For Weather related questions call the National Weather Service at 802-862-8711 or visit for a complete forecast.

Prevent Heat-Related Illness

NEVER leave any children, pets or adults in a closed, parked vehicle.

See also the CDC's page: Extreme Heat

Keep Food Safe when Grilling

See more food safety information

Read "A Quick Consumer Guide to Safe Food Handling"

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Stay Protected from the Sun

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Keep Pesky Bugs Away

Don't let them bug you. Prevent mosquito-borne diseases.Insect Repellant Facts

Learn more about:

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Avoid Bacteria and Pests at Your Picnic

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Avoid Poison Ivy

How to identify poison ivy

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Healthy Swimming

Stay Safe: If you plan to swim in a river or stream, use extreme caution and stay away from swift moving water. Heavy rain and flash flooding makes many swim holes, rivers and streams unpredictable and dangerous.

More information

For more information call the Vermont Department of Health, Division of Health Surveillance at 1-800-640-4374 (in Vermont) or 802-863-7240.